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Carpet Cleaning in Singapore

Carpet Cleaning In SingaporeCarpet cleaning in Singapore is made easy as there are reputable carpet cleaning companies located around the island.

Maintaining the quality of your carpet by proper cleaning is imperative as you would have paid a hefty sum for the carpet. By maintaining it, you are prolonging the shelf life, hence maximising the cost of your investment.

Though regular vacuuming does help in the maintenance, it can only remove the surface dirt. There are other pollutants that get accumulated in the carpet, which you are not able to remove via the non-commercial vacuuming. This can be a health hazard to you and your loved ones.

Though you are able to remove these build-up particles yourself via the rental machine, you may not be able to do a thorough job, due to your inexperience and the quality of the rental machine. Hence it is safer to hire a certified and professional carpet cleaner for your office or home to have a thorough carpet shampooing, cleaning and restoration of your carpet.

Using the right cleaning method, cleaning solutions and having proper training are critical to ensure that your carpet is cleaned thoroughly, free from allergens and stains, without being damaged. In addition, the wrong use of equipment or even inadequate experience can result in irreparable damage.

When providing carpet cleaning services in Singapore, these professional carpet cleaning companies use more powerful industrial equipment and have different equipment tailored to address specific issues.

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Looking for a Professional and Trusted Carpet Cleaning Company in Singapore? – Checklist

checklist• Possesses relevant cleaning certificate and experience – You want to ensure that the company has the relevant knowledge, experience and expertise to assess and choose the right cleaning solution for you.

With the certificate, it gives you the comfort that the cleaners are indeed professionals, who have attended and passed the formal training to assess and choose the right carpet shampooing services and cleaning solution for your carpet.

In addition, with the relevant experience, the professional carpet cleaners in your home or office will also ensure that the drying process is completed, before they move back the furniture. This can minimise the potential damage done to your carpet and furniture, from the wrong use of cleaning equipment and solutions.

• Use of specialised equipment and approved cleaning solutions– With the right combination used, you can be assured that your carpet is thoroughly deep cleaned, something that you are not able to achieve with your regular non -commercial cleaning machine.

In addition, this is the best warranty to prevent your carpet from unwanted damage due to wrong equipment or cleaning solution. In some severe situations, the wrong combination used can result in irreparable damage, eg carpet shrink.

Professional Carpet Cleaning ServiceAdopt various cleaning methods for different situations – You must ensure that the company does not have a “one size fits all” cleaning method. This is because every situation, including soiling condition is unique. Every situation has to be assessed separately before the professional company can decide on the method to use.

For example, the type of carpet fabric, extent of stain and so on are some of the many factors that they have to look into before they finalise the cleaning method. In addition, most office buildings and facilities require multiple cleaning methods and equipment to meet their specific needs.

• Has genuine customers’ testimonials – Knowing the Company’s customers’ references and the duration of their relationships is one good way to find out about the Company’s credibility and their customers’ satisfaction level

• Fully Guarantee Warranty – Does the company offer a 100% money back refund or complimentary re-clean if the cleaning job does not meet your expectation?

• Look out for competitive prices and combo deals – this can help you achieve greater savings

• No hidden fees and charges – You must ensure that the price that they quote you is the final total costs from start to finish, with no surprise costs springing up in between the process.

Carpet Cleaning Singapore• Environmentally friendly procedures – Such procedures will leave no residue afterwards. Your health will not be affected when non-toxic chemicals are used during the carpet cleaning process

• Free, no-obligation quote – The companies will usually survey the carpets, before they give a quote. This is because they need to analyse the carpet before they decide which machine, techniques and chemicals to use for particular job.

For example, they need to assess the carpet condition, size and fabric, stain (if any) to help them make the assessment. Have a better understanding from them, about your quote, what equipment are used, what services are included in this rate, before you enlist their services.

• Is the cleaning Company insured against accidental damage? It is better to be prudent and ensure that they have this insurance in place so that you can ensure that you are well covered

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