Office Carpet Cleaning SingaporeDoes your office carpet make your visitors cringe every time they set foot in your office?

Well, carpets give your office a cozy and appealing look. But unless they are kept clean, they can be a sour sight in your office. Here are 7 easy ways to keep your office carpets clean and attractive.

  • Use a protectant after cleaning up the carpet
    Carpet protection repels dirt from reaching the carpet fibers and also prevents the carpets from absorbing spills that can leave bad stains. In absence of area rugs, carpet protectants should be used as they prevent from the carpet from
  • Vacuum the carpet on regular basis.
    Vacuuming is certainly the best way to preserve your carpets as well as keep them consistently clean. Usually, carpets trap small particles such as dust and pollen that are hard to clean using other alternatives. Yet the particles are allergic making the office less endearing. That’s why you should vacuum the office carpet at least once a week to remove the invisible particles and safeguard the health of your workers and visitors alike.
  • Place mats strategically within the office.
    Outdoor mats and area rugs trap dust and dirt particles that so often cut through your carpets fiber essentially damaging your carpet’s roots. Rugs should specifically be placed in high traffic areas such as the entrances, exits and around the furniture. Aside from safeguarding the carpet, the mats are easy to clean and even replace.
  • Clean stains immediately you spot them.
    Dried up stains are generally harder to remove than wet spillages. That’s why you should try to clean up any stains immediately you notice them to increase the chances of succeeding. Use detergent vinegar to clean up the stains to ascertain no ugly marks are left behind after the cleaning.
  • Avoid eating in the office or designate a specific place for the same.
    To prevent accidental spillages on your office carpet, minimize the chances of eating in the office. Alternatively, choose a specific spot to eat and drink from. Apart from prevent spillages, minimizing food consumption in the office helps eliminate bad odors that may result from food left overs.
  • Use the right equipment.
    There are different ways of cleaning carpets depending on the nature of the carpet laid in your office. Likewise, there are varying cleaning equipment for the different carpets. Ensure you only use the right equipment for efficiency as well as safeguarding your carpets lifespan.
  • Consult professionals from time to time.
    Hiring an expert from time to time helps to keep your carpet in top condition for a long time. Carpet cleaning professionals often have the right equipment and the know-how to remove even the most stubborn of the stains. They also know which detergents and sanitizers that best suits your type of carpet and they can advise you on the same.

Bottom Line.
A well preserved carpet gives your office floor a luxurious and welcoming outlook and impacts on your visitors view about your business. That’s why you should strive to ensure the carpet is always clean and in top condition. Even then, cleaning your carpets can be a tasking undertaking. That’s why you should embrace the tips above to keep your office clean and cozy.

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