Carpet Shampooing Service and Other Methods Provided By Carpet Cleaning Companies

There are various types of carpet cleaning services provided by the professional carpet cleaning companies. This is to allow them to use the right method to best suit the different carpets used by the different offices.

It is important for you to know these various carpet cleaning methods, so that you will be able to choose the right cleaning company to clean your carpet.

Below are some of the cleaning methods used by the home and office professional cleaning companies for carpets:

Carpet Shampooing Service

Professional Carpet Cleaning ServiceThis method is sometimes also known as foam extraction. The process is as follows. A cleaning carpet shampoo is spread over the office carpet using a motorised rotating brush. Foam is created in the process, releasing all the dirt and soil from the carpet fibres.

Once the carpet cleaning shampoo is dried out completely, a vacuum cleaner is used to remove all the residue and dirt.

Sometime, the professional carpet cleaners may use steam cleaning after carpet shampooing, as the vacuum cleaner might not be able to remove the whole shampoo.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Service

One disadvantage of carpet shampooing is that the carpet takes a long time to dry, due to the high amount of wet foam residues in the carpet. The carpet tends to be sticky as no rinsing is done after shampooing.

Hence, after the encapsulation technology was introduced, encapsulation carpet cleaning becomes more popular than carpet shampooing. The process is as follows. With the use of synthetic detergents over the carpet to loosen the dirt and soil, the dirt particles will be crystallized into powder when dries up. The dirt particles are subsequently removed by vacuum cleaner.

Compared to carpet shampooing, encapsulation carpet cleaning requires shorter drying time as less water is used. In addition, it is more environmentally friendly. One thing to note though is that this method is not recommended to clean heavily soiled carpet, due to the technology’s limitation.

Dry Cleaning Carpet Service

This method is sometimes also known as dry compound extraction or powder cleaning.

The dry cleaning carpet companies’ cleaning process is as follows. A dry compound, which is scattered onto the carpet, a manual or motorised rotating brush is then used to open up the carpet fibre to allow the dry compound to settle inside the carpet. This results in the dirt to be absorbed by the dry compound, resulting in the dirt to be displaced from the carpet. Lastly, with the use of a powerful vacuum, the dry carpet cleaner thoroughly removes all the accumulated dirt and powder from the carpet fibres and fabrics.

The dry compound formula can be organic, polymeric or a combination of natural and manmade.

Some regard this as an effective cleaning method as no wetting is involved, hence no drying time required, a very convenient dry carpet cleaning service.

This method is suitable for all types of carpets. As this method does not require carpet drying time, the office schedule is not affected by the cleaning process, hence this method is also recommended for firms that operate 24/7.

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Steam Carpet Cleaning Service

Steam Carpet CleaningThis method is sometimes also known as hot water extraction cleaning. The cleaning process is as follows. The steam carpet cleaners use a special high pressure steam cleaning equipment which sprays high pressured hot water solution (which contains a carpet cleaning product) over the carpet, to loosen and forcefully remove the dirt that is accumulated in the carpet.

With the use of a powerful vacuum system, the dirt and moisture are subsequently extracted. As this method requires drying time, the cleaning professionals have to ensure that they have reached an optimal level in balancing the rapid drying process and ensuring thorough deep cleaning of carpet.

Once the carpet is steamed cleaned, it becomes anti-allergic. This is because the carpet steamer uses hot water destroys the harmful allergens (including dust mites) and bacteria, thus sanitising your carpet.

Carpet steam cleaning service is is one of the more common methods used, as it is one of the deepest ways of cleaning carpets and is a highly efficient method. It is also a recommended method to clean heavily soiled carpets in your home.

The effectiveness of this method depends on the power and quality of the machine being used by the carpet cleaning company. In addition, as the different carpets are made up of different fabric type and materials, the carpet cleaning method will use the suitable water temperature to clean your office’s carpet fabric.

Carpet Restoration Services

For restoration carpet cleaning, the commercial carpet cleaning companies have the skills and experience to apply the appropriate cleaning and restoration method to clean and completely restore your carpet.
Some of the carpet restoration services include water damage restoration and colour restoration.

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