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Hiring A Professional Home Carpet Cleaning Company

Home Carpet Cleaning In The HouseEngaging professional home carpet cleaning service ensure that you have the best carpet cleaning conveniently at your doorstep. Although basic vacuum can remove some of the dust and dirt trapped in the carpet, it is usually not sufficient.

Professional home carpet cleaners have the expertise and machine to give the carpet a thorough shampooing, washing and dusting, while keeping your other home furniture untouched and protected.

The Dangers of Dirty Carpets at Home

cautionThough having carpets are great for homes, keeping it clean can be a challenge. If your carpets are not cleaned properly, bacteria and other pollutants will flourish in your carpets. These irritants and allergens will result in some dangers, which will adversely affect you and your family members’ health, hence it is important to engage the best home services carpet cleaning. Some of the dangers are as follows:

  1. Increased Allergies Attack
    If your family members have pre-allergies problems, an unclean and damp carpet will increase their probability of suffering from an allergy attack. This is because an unclean carpet is laden with dirt, micro-pests (for example dust mites, fleas, and carpet beetles), bacteria and other toxins, which causes allergic reactions. The allergic reactions include skin or eye irritation and cold-like symptoms like coughs or sneezes. There are some who will suffer from more serious allergic reactions, going beyond just nasal irritation.
  2. Respiratory Issues
    Dust, among others bio-pollutants, are accumulated in the carpets. As a result, your home’s air become unsafe to breathe, which will result in respiratory problems. Breathing and coughing problems develop and in some serious cases, bronchial asthma may develop. The more severe respiratory inflammation and allergies may result from exposure from too many mycotoxins, which breed in dirty carpets.
    If you have elderly and children at home, they will be more at risk in developing these respiratory issues.
  3. Skin Irritation and Infection
    Dirty carpets harbour mould, bacteria and parasitic organisms. These organisms can cause skin irritation and infection, even swelling. If you walk barefoot, athlete’s foot may be developed by entering the body through tiny cuts in the foot.

Based on the above dangers listed, it’s important to have a deeply cleansed carpet, as the resulting poor hygiene risks you and your family members’ health. For you and your family members’ health, house carpet cleaning service is a necessity, it is not a luxury.

Vacuuming regularly is not sufficient to remove all the carpet toxins, you may wish to consider getting qualified residential carpet cleaning services. They have the relevant equipment and experience, including certified cleaning solutions like dry carpet cleaning & encapsulation carpet cleaning methods  to ensure that your carpets are treated at the optimally clean level. These companies are also experienced in cleaning the carpet in office too.

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What To Do Before The Professional Residential Carpet Cleaning Service Company Arrives

checkBy hiring a professional cleaner, you are one step closer to having a more stunning healthier home, not forgetting a fresher smelling home as well.
Though your carpet is in the safe hands of the professional cleaning company, it is recommended to undertake the following few steps, before they arrive. This is to ensure that your carpets are cleaned in the most efficient and effective manner.

  • Vacuum, if needed –This is to enable your professional carpet cleaner in Singapore to focus on cleaning the more deeply entrenched dirt. Check with the carpet cleaning company if vacuuming prior to actual cleaning is part of their job.
  • Remove all clutter and small items in one empty room – This to prevent the clutter and small items in getting the way of the cleaning process.
  • Remove furniture (if needed) – Check with the carpet cleaning company if removal of furniture is part of their job.
  • Remove fragile items – Keep those fragile and breakable items in a safe place
  • Remove valuable items – While many carpet cleaning companies have stringent vetting criteria of their employees, it will still be a better idea to store your valuables in a safe place.
  • Communicate areas of concern – Inform and show the professional cleaners the stains, spots or high-traffic areas. This is to ensure that they have these areas included during the cleaning process.

Persian Carpet Cleaning and Oriental Carpet Cleaning

Beautiful Oriental carpets and Persian carpets are one of those prized possessions that home owners pride themselves in displaying at their abode. Be it heirloom or expensive investments, home owners have to take special care to clean these masterpieces.
Oriental carpet cleaning and Persian carpet cleaning require professional cleaning at least once or twice a year, to help maintain or even increase the value and life the carpets. The professionals will ensure that the carpet cleaning method best suit your carpet requirements, including the carpet’s particular weave, fibres and dye.
The professional cleaning company will also use the latest state-of-art technology processes like home steam carpet cleaning in order to deep clean and revive the colours of your oriental carpet and Persian carpet.


Benefits of Having Carpets at Home

Home CarpetOur homes are an important sanctuary for us, especially after a day’s of hard work. It is a good refuge for us to have a good rest, rejuvenate and spend “me” and family time. Hence, we make an effort to spruce up our homes, to ensure that our safe haven is cosy and comfortable.

One of the ways to spruce up our homes is to use soft furnishings and carpets are one of the popular choices. Homeowners choose to have carpets at home due to the benefits that carpets offer, naming a few:
Improves the overall appearance of your home
Carpets portray the “big picture” of homes, adding style and beauty to your home. As carpets come in a variety of styles, colours, materials and textures, you can personalise each room to reflect the character and lifestyle, to create the unique identity for each room. You get to decide if you want the carpet to be the centrepiece or as an accessory to complement the rest of the furnishings.
When you choose the right shade that matches the overall mood or tone of each room, you will be amazed how uplifted your mood is every time when you enter the room.
Provides comfort
The soft and cosy feeling of carpet provides great luxury and comfort under your feet. This high comforting feeling is especially welcomed, after a busy day at work. It provides a comfortable place for you to spend your time at your home sweet home.
Safety protection for family
As carpets provide cushioning when falls occur, slips and falls are soften, resulting injuries are minimised. This safety protection is critical if you have young children and elderly at home.
Great Sound Absorber
Carpets lowers sound levels, absorbing sounds between walls and floors and reducing outside airborne noise. With the inclusion of thick padding underneath the carpet, these sounds are further reduced.
This is extremely helpful in reducing the noises at your home due to TVs, computers and other sound system. In addition, it blocks you from your noisy neighbours or outside nuisance noise from road traffic.

Importance of Having a Clean Carpet at Home

Having your carpets professionally cleaned not only creates a healthier home, it improves the appearance of your home as well as the professional cleaners will improve the appearance and brightness of your carpet, by attempting to restore your carpet back to the original condition.

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