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Office Carpet Cleaning Services Benefits

As a business owner, keeping your office, retail store or your entire office building clean is of utmost importance. Besides creating a conducive and healthy environment for yourself and your employees, a clean and cosy office portrays a professional image to your business associates and clients who visit your office.

Your carpeted floor forms a great part of the whole office overall look. Hence, including commercial carpet cleaning in your cleaning schedule is very important.

Keeping your carpet clean via regular vacuuming is great for maintaining your carpets in good condition. However, there are some cleaning results that you are not able to achieve, for example removing the dirt that is fixed within the carpet fibre. Removal of such dirt can only be done by the commercial carpet cleaning machines used.

In view of this, hiring a professional commercial carpet cleaner to clean your carpet on a regular basis is essential due to the greater cleaning results, for the benefit of your Company and clients.

When you hire a professional office carpet cleaning company in Singapore, the professional cleaners do not just remove dirt and other pollutants, they clean the heavily soiled areas as well.

As a result, you will reap the following benefits from have a thoroughly cleaned carpet:

  1. Your carpet is protected from unwanted and unintentional damage.
    With their professional knowledge and certification, they will assess and use the most appropriate commercial carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions including carpet shampooing method.This will ensure that your carpet is not subjected to unnecessary damage due to un-professional or amateur mishandling.
  2. Guaranteed cleaning job – Most reputable office carpet cleaning companies offer a 100% guarantee for his work, within the “warranty” period. This includes a free follow-up cleaning if there are any problems with their work.
  3. No disruption to your Company’s staff work routine and furniture – There is no need for you to allocate the duties to your employees, to remove the furniture to facilitate the carpet cleaning.The professional cleaners will do the job for you, they will move the furniture to perform the carpet cleaning process. Once the carpets are dry, they will move the furniture back to their original positions.In addition, they will work around your company’s working hours to ensure minimal disruption. They will ensure that the scheduled timing that is convenient for your Company.
  4. Healthier indoor environment and better air quality. Particles that are less than 1 micro tend to pass through the vacuum bags and build over time. This will cause great health hazard, as it penetrates the lungs.Using the more powerful and certified equipment, the professional cleaners are able to remove such particles, including bacteria, dust mites and bugs that are deeply layered underneath your carpet.This results in healthier indoor environment and better air quality, which will greatly benefit you and your employees’ well-being, especially those suffering from these bio pollutants allergies, asthmas and other respiratory problems.

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  5. Reduced employee medical costs and absenteeism level. With the benefit listed in point 4, your carpet is free from germs and bacteria. Office carpets are conducive “breeding places” for germs and bacteria. This is because dirt, dust and other potential pollutants accumulate in the carpets.These pose health hazard for you and your employees, especially those who are allergic to such bio pollutants, which may translate to higher costs to your Company when your employees report higher absenteeism rate. These pollutants can only be effectively removed using the commercial cleaning machines and special cleansing products.
  6. Your carpet is toxic free, odour free, hygienically clean and mould growth reduced. With the use of the powerful cleaning machines and certified cleaning solutions like steam carpet cleaning, any blemishes, greasy stains or other contaminants are totally removed by the industrial carpet cleaners.In a highly humid country like Singapore, mould and mildew tend to build up in the carpet. Such growth will be prevented through the industrial carpet cleaning service. These carpet invaders will be properly extracted using the industrial-strength cleaner and high powered drying tools used by the professional cleaners, which includes removing the moisture found in highly humid countries, which are sunk deep in the carpet fibres.
  7. Your carpet is protected and shelf life is maximised. The commercial cleaning equipment have special and innovative functions that can help guard your carpets from future stains and spills. There are some companies which even protect your carpet. They provide stain block services, which not only protect your carpet from wear and tear, but also prevent re-staining and re-soiling of the carpet.This is especially helpful if you are running eateries like restaurants and cafes which have a higher risk of spillage. With the special substance that quickly repel liquids and blotting out spills, the carpet spills are prevented from becoming permanent stains. With the longevity of your carpets ensured through the carpet protection methods, you will enjoy substantial savings in long run, as you need not replace your current carpets in the near future, which forms a substantial part of your soft furnishing costs.
  8. Maintains the indoor appearance. The professional carpet cleaners aim to restore your carpet to its original beauty and quality, besides removing the embedded dirt. With a freshly cleaned carpet which looks as good as new and smells more refreshing, the aesthetic feel of your office will improved.With a spruced up office environment, your employees will feel more refreshed and energetic, which will improve the Company’s productivity and employee well-being. When your clients step into your clean and inviting office atmosphere, they will definitely have a good impression of your Company.This increases your clients’ confidence which is definitely a good start towards sealing deals and getting more sales. This will definitely benefit the company as a whole.

Types of Office & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Most professional companies provide the following services in broad categories:
• Preventive Carpet Maintenance
• Corrective Carpet Cleaning
• Restorative Carpet Cleaning

The cleaning solution to use mostly depends on the above-mentioned service chosen, the area size, situation and the type of carpet fabric. The trained personnel will perform an assessment before they adopt the most effective cleaning solution for your carpet.

As professionals, they will ensure that your carpet is cleaned with the most optimal results and service level reached at the highest standard.


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Most of the office carpet cleaning services in Singapore are extremely cost effective. The tangible and intangible benefits enjoyed from having a cleaner, fresher smelling and hygienic office environment makes the cost of the regular carpet cleaning worth it.

Be it wall to wall carpeting or area rugs, we are glad to be of service to you. We also offer home carpet cleaning services for your residential area.
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